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Welcome to our Blog. This is a personal touch that we want to share with you, the customer, the guest in our online store. Without YOU there is NO us. So Thank you for your patronage. 

Why the website change?

To put it candidly and as simply as possible, our initial website was with a company that many of you have heard of. They changed their terms of service to exclude any business that sells "munitions" or "munitions related items" Well, that put us right smack dab in the middle of that spectrum, and we do NOT even sell anything that requires a 4473 transfer from the ATF or anything that is serialized requiring an FFL Transfer. We are over the drama, and the inconvenience that this has caused our business because in essence, this has given us the opportunity to develop a much, MUCH, stronger web page. Our new site is easier to navigate, easier on the eyes, has more search functions, and is suited for our long term success with you in mind as well. For that, I could not be more excited. 

Our Last website was lacking products for calibers other than 9mm. It's true. 

A bit of honesty, I love 9mm with a passion. I think it is the end all when it comes to pistol cartridges. There is so much versatility, and workable options when it comes to loading a 9mm cartridge. But guess what? That is cool for me - but what about the good people that want to reload some 40 cal or some 45? Well, we got you covered now. I have added numerous options when it comes to supporting other calibers while maintaining my killer pricing structure. If you have any suggestions on items you would like to see - please let us know and we will gladly address those and do our best to add them to the rotation. 

You have your own line of ammunition now? What's up with that?

We are beyond excited to drop our new line of ammunition and make it available to those who can legally purchase it. What we have done is gone and registered with the ATF and got a Federal Firearms License that allows us to manufacture our ammunition and LEGALLY offer it for sale. So here is the scoop: we have developed a core group of calibers and projectile weights (with proprietary recipes) that are clean burning, made in small batches, focused on precision, and are out-performing the majority of anything you can find on the shelf at your local sporting good store, or your local gun store, at a budget minded price point. Try a box, you will immediately notice the difference in our ammunition. 

Lastly - We have always supported our LEO/Department/Military Guys. But now we are in the process of developing our "Blue Line Pricing" which heavily shows our commitment to wanting our first responders to train with ammunition that simulates what they carry for duty ammunition. That is a game changer. 

Stay tuned as to how to get on board if you are active law enforcement or military, and your login and password will show our regular pricing as well as your special price structure. We are beyond pleased to offer this, as I believe that consistency is 9/10ths of muscle memory, and muscle memory is 2nd nature, and someone who is properly trained will be able to perform their duty to the fullest of their extent. Getting to be a part of that is groundbreaking. We have also teamed up with a distributor that supplies a lot of police/law enforcement gear that will save you time when shopping for duty gear that you depend on day in and day out. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support. We are not going anywhere. We are growing our business and take your feedback to heart. Stay tuned for our next update. It will be a great one. 

High Octane Products has been committed to you, and will continue to dedicate our energy to improve.

Nov 2nd 2018 High Octane Products

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